Zenith Performance Group, LLC

Organization Development
Executive Coaching:
Executive Coaching is a confidential process where a Coach works with an individual to help him or her develop stronger leadership skills to improve on-the-job performance.   Zenith offers both long-term and short-term coaching engagement options, based on the specific needs of the individual.
Leadership Training:  
Developing strong leaders for both today and tomorrow is a primary challenge area for most companies.   One of the best ways to increase teamwork and accountability is through group leadership training.    All leadership training by Zenith Performance Group is completely customized to the organizational needs and to the unique individuals that comprise the leadership team.    Common topics include Leadership Fundamentals, Management Style, Communication, Delegation, Change Management,  Strategic Planning and Goal Setting, Managing Performance, and Employee Engagement.
Supervisory Training:
Similar to Leadership Training, the Supervisor Training is designed to increase teamwork and accountability but is targeted toward the issues that most new supervisors face – setting an example, supervising former peers, establishing credibility, learning political acumen, and confronting effectively.
Individual and Team Assessment:
Interview 360 Degree Feedback.  This is the most powerful of all the 360 degree instruments because the questions are tailored to the individual and the verbatim comments provide specific, actionable behavioral feedback.
Teambuilding.  Using an assessment for an offsite teambuilding event is a fun way to identify and discuss individual differences.  Commonly used assessments for teambuilding include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Birkman, and the DiSC.
Team Strengths.   A great way for a manager to know the talent that he or she has in place and to identify gaps is by use of the Talent Audit. 
Succession Planning:  
Succession Planning is one of the most critical talent management activities that a leader will undertake.   At Zenith, we first use a thorough assessment process to identify skills and gaps for potential successors.  We then work with the identified successors through an executive coaching process to help them prepare for greater leadership responsibility.
Change Management Training:
 Change Resilience for Employees:  Often times when an organization goes through a significant change such as a merger or large layoff, the “survivors” can be confused about roles and responsibilities.  They also likely have concerns about the company’s future and may have wavering loyalty to the company.   Change management training helps with organizational resilience by bringing employees together and getting them refocused.  It provides a positive forum for employees to understand what to expect, to process how they are feeling in a productive way, and to pose questions that they have for the Leadership Team.  We also offer Change Management for Managers  for those that are managers during large-scale organizational changes.  This training is focused on what managers need to know and do to help employees during the change process.   Understanding the change cycle, dealing with resistance,  building stability, and re-engaging employees are the key focus areas.